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Gamma Dynamics has been developing electrofluidic display technology for various e-Paper applications such as eBook readers since 2009. The key attributes of these displays are high brightness and optimal readability in both low and high ambient light settings. The displays can be made in numerous form factors such as the flexible displays shown in these still images. The technology also lends itself to full color and video. Since the displays do not require backlighting and can be driven in a bi-stable mode, power requirements are low — reducing the demand for large, heavy batteries. To date, four electrofluidic display platforms have been demonstrated, each tailored to achieve a unique balance of the attributes mentioned above as well as low manufacturing cost.

In 2014, the company strategy moved away from a strict R&D and commercialization path to one of technology licensing. This approach can facilitate collaboration with strategic investors who bring resources as assets which speed time to market for displays and other applications.

An electrofluidic display or device consists of two fluids – a pigment dispersion and an insulating oil. In one platform, the pigment is black and the oil is transparent. Moving the pigment dispersion into full view is done by overcoming the Laplace pressure of an ink reservoir with an electromechanical (electrowetting) force created by an electrical charge. This back and forth displacement of fluids turns pixels on and off – or can be designed to stop at partial displacement points to create grayscale and produce a spectrum of color. A bi-stable platform of multiple identical channels (no reservoirs) can also be used to alternate between full on and full off states.

Electrofluidic displays were first reported by the University of Cincinnati (Novel Devices Laboratory)


The goal of reflective displays is to mimic the appearance of print on paper. Our electrofluidic displays combine mature printing industry pigments with electrically-switchable fluids.

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Gamma Dynamics was founded in 2009 by display industry veterans with several decades of cumulative experience. Headquartered Ohio, Gamma Dynamics continues to work with the University of Cincinnati, where the technology was invented

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Gamma Dynamics has primarily been developing displays for both active matrix and passive drive schemes. Smart Windows, another product which was pursued addresses energy and workplace efficiency by balancing heat and ambient light. We are open to working with licensees and partners to tailor electrofluidic device technology to specific end product requirements.

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